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FLAG-TV is a platform created for and dedicated to independent female filmmakers.    

What We Are Looking For:

Original programming that delivers:

  1. Content written, directed and/or produced by women.
  2. Renewable character-driven stories
  3. Drama, Well-made Comedies, Historic Documentary, Live Music or Dance, and Star Power.
  4. Entertaining approaches to science, wellness issues, technology, and adventure.

What We Are NOT Looking For:

Morbid or sensational material that could be considered gratuitous – violence, racial epithets, strong language, nudity, or sexism – will not be accepted.


Content Review:

We will accept links to online versions of your content. You may enter a password protected link for Vimeo or an unlisted or private link for Youtube when completing the submission form.

Verify that your link is working properly.

Email link to: submissions@flag-tv.com

You will receive a response within two (2) to four (4) weeks.

Please do not send links to different versions of your film or show after you have completed your submission. We are only able to review one version of each film and one episode of a series.

Completed submission form MUST accompany your submission request.  Click here for form.


If Your Content Is Accepted

Deliverable Formats and requirements for content to be added to the platform:

Picture fully timed and color corrected, fully titled, with the soundtrack synched with the photographic action and in all respects ready and suitable for broadcast.

All files must be submitted in digital format

Include title, description, and metadata* information on file submission.

Supported Video Formats:

wmv, mpg, mpeg, mp4, avi, asf, mov, flv, m4v,

Video resolution must be at least 1280×720 and above to achieve acceptable video stream quality. 1920×1080 is preferred.

Audio file format should be Wav or Mp3 and should be recorded at 96kHz or above. These are the only excepted file formats.

Completed submission forms and signed agreement paperwork must be included (or on file) to add your content to the platform. Click here for forms.